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My name is PJ and this is one of my hobby websites. I studied IT in high school and I always had a strong interest in math too.

Why did I create this website? There aren't many online integral calculators out there and from the ones that do exist, there are only a few that show the steps. And from those few sites (that I know of), there's only one that also shows the function graphing. Or you have to pay for it, like Wolfram Alpha.

So how does this website work? It uses the open source code from Sympy Gamma. So it is coded in python. So it also shows the steps but Sympy Gamma doesn't show the function graphing. And that's why I added plotly to do this. I also added mathjax to display your input text into a function. And a calculator to help you with the input like trigonometry functions, letters, symbols, numbers, etc. You can also show a random function.

A math teacher wrote a lot of text that explains all the basics about integrals like the definition, significance, properties and techniques of integration. There is also a quiz with 10 questions to test your basic knowledge.

Anyways, I hope you like it. And if there is anything you want to contact me about this site or if something isn't working properly, please contact me with the contact form below. Enjoy!